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The New Twitter Character Limit And How Can Businesses Benefit

Are you taking advantage of Twitter's character limit change? Here's what you can do as a recruiter to truly utilize the potential of this new character limit.

How does the new Twitter character limit help your social efforts? If you don’t have a detailed social marketing strategy, it won’t help you at all. Here’s why you should start now.

In Twitter’s blog, Twitter has a simple explanation for the change. “We want every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter, so we’re doing something new: we’re going to try out a longer limit, 280 characters, in languages impacted by cramming (which is all except Japanese, Chinese, and Korean).”

Meanwhile, recruiters and marketers everywhere have found the change groundbreaking. Some cite it as big step forward, making Twitter a more powerful tool for businesses.

How does this affect me as a business owner?

If you’re like most businesses, the Twitter character limit change won’t affect you. That’s because most recruiters don’t use Twitter effectively. Many of them don’t use Twitter for business at all.

There has never been a better time to start using Twitter for business. And if you’re already using it, prepare to double your impact on Twitter’s share of the social market.

With a Twitter character limit of 280, your options have grown exponentially. What’s the right content strategy in this new paradigm?

The following five tips help you become a better recruiter on the ‘new’ Twitter.

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The Top 3 Recruitment Strategies Using the New Twitter Character Limit

Adapt Your Twitter Strategy to the New Environment

The term social recruiting describes recruiters building a ‘talent pool’ using social media. Recruiters can tap that talent pool by posting on social media when new opportunities become available.

Twitter interactions are less intrusive than email. Recruiters are more approachable through this channel. They’re readily perceived as a resource.

The former Twitter character limit hurt recruiters in some respects. Without enough details, talent could overlook good opportunities. Recruiters face a barrage of questions when they can’t provide enough information.

Recruiters can adjust their Twitter strategy to make jobs more attractive. They can also specialize tweets for the right candidates. Develop a content strategy that aligns all jobs through this channel effectively.

Be Brilliant When It Comes to Word Count

For example, distinguishing your opportunities increases your chances of connecting with talent. Use your extra characters to add personality to your postings.

You may cover the basics of a position with 144 characters. Use the rest to share special benefits about your positions.

Think of your potential hires. You can present advantages over identical job descriptions to help target the right market.

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Use the Increased Power of Brevity

Having more characters is an advantage. Your competitors will agree. But brevity has power in the new paradigm as well.

Twitter is becoming twice as crowded. A compelling call to action of very few characters can strike like lightning.

Simply determine your goals in using brief messages. You can compel potential talent to reach out. You won’t be able to provide all of the information they want in a single tweet.

A Next-Generation Social Recruitment Strategy

Are you ready to increase your impact on social? BuzzRecruiter has the resources you need for a next-generation recruiting strategy. Contact us now for a casual conversation about your opportunities.