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Essential Millennial Recruitment Techniques using AI

If you’re in the recruitment industry it’s time to update your millennial recruitment strategy by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In a survey on how millennials feel about AI, it was shown a whopping 80 percent of them see value in brands using personalized advertising

Millennials are comfortable with and feel positive toward using AI in many different ways. They engage with it better and at a higher rate than other job seekers that you may be targeting.

Smart recruiters will recognize the value that can be provided by the new technology, and use this recruitment trend to their benefit.

Want to find out how you can use AI in your millennial recruitment techniques? Read on.

What Is AI and Why Do Millennials Love It?

Artificial intelligence or AI powers tools like intelligent assistants and home assistants like Alexa. You’ve probably already come across it — Siri in your iPhone and in Facebook’s Messenger, which brands use to reach out to customers.

Millennials find the technology exciting, valuable, and view it as a positive when used in advertising.

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Recruitment Techniques Using AI Ads

The first way you can use AI is by customizing advertising and offers. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in today’s market when hiring millennials.

A common example of AI-enabled personalized advertising is the use of chatbots.

Using your target market’s data, you interact with them in what has been shown to be their preferred format, messaging.

The key thing to keep in mind with advertising to millennials is that brands should be authentic and relevant.

Use the data you have to determine the relevancy of your advertising. Research shows that millennials are more than happy to provide personal data IF that data is used in a way that tangibly benefits them.

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Automate the Hiring Process with AI

The hiring process and AI are a perfect fit because of the repetitive nature of many recruitment inquiries.

Candidates regularly ask questions about the company and the hiring process. AI can be used here in order to give applicants feedback on their applications and to respond to queries from them.

Instead of a member of the recruitment team having to field multiple questions a day, use AI to respond to the most common queries that you get.

Use AI for Interest-Based Offers

AI can also suggest services or jobs a millennial jobseeker might want based on their interests and skills.

A bot can be used to ask questions, analyze skills, then provide a list of job listings.

The Future of AI in the Recruitment Industry

In the future, I expect to see artificial intelligence being an essential among recruitment techniques at every stage of the hiring process.

Applicant Tracking Systems are one area where AI will be used much more to filter candidates who are the most qualified.

The digital landscape and the recruiting business are both tough and move at a fast pace. Instead of getting left behind, make your recruitment brand stand out and stay relevant by continuing to engage with millennials in a personalized way.