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Making Your Recruiting and Staffing Email Subjects More Engaging (Demo)

The subject line is the first thing anyone sees when reading your email. Thus, it’s your chance to make a good impression – but keeping readers engaged with only a few words can be tricky. Many people only skim subject lines and automatically delete the messages, figuring they already have enough information crowding their inboxes. If you’re having trouble crafting amazing subject lines, these tips will help.

Keep It Short

Email subject lines should be around 40 characters or 5-10 words. Any more than that and your readers will get bored and press “delete.” Also, never simply press “reply” to an email with a long subject line. Instead, change “RE: Your questions regarding our holiday sales December 9-16” to “Holiday Sale Answers.” Lastly, use the verbs your readers will be looking for. If you’re an editor or agent contacting an author about a manuscript, say “Feedback on your book” or “Critique of your manuscript.” Those verbs will tell readers exactly what’s in the email and make them want to open it right away.

Make Readers Curious

Readers are often drawn to book titles because they evoke a question. For example, who is The Great Gatsby and why is he (or she) great? Is To Kill a Mockingbird a coming-of-age story about bird hunting or something else entirely? Email subject lines should do the same thing. Use words and phrases that make readers want to open that email. If you run an online dating service, use a question like, “Do you want to find The One?” If you run a health food store, try a subject line like, “Lose Weight Without Sacrificing Favorite Foods.” Send your readers the message that your email will help them reach goals, learn new information, or feel happier and more fulfilled.

Build Rapport

Despite our reliance on online businesses, no client or potential hire wants to feel like a faceless number behind a computer screen. Your email subject lines must build rapport quickly. Use clients’ and new hires’ names in the subject line as well as in the body of the email. Instead of, “Interview Results,” say, “Interview results for Darlene Smith.” Use specific language your readers will relate to. Instead of “X Skills Your Retail Employees Need,” try a subject line like “Hiring Employees With Remarkable Tech Skills.” This shows readers you know them and have made the effort to discover what they want out of your emails and your business.

Other Ways to Use Email Effectively

Email is an essential way to recruit new hires and clients and ensure followers stick with you. However, crafting a good email often starts with leaving your inbox and exploring other parts of the internet. At BuzzRecruiter, we help clients use social media to improve their online presence. We also teach you how to diversify your emails and other online activities so clients will stay engaged. If you want to learn more about our services, contact us today.