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Five Reasons Your Recruiting Business Needs to Blog (Demo)

Blog writing provides online visibility for businesses more efficiently than any other method. With over 25 billion pages viewed each month and 500,000 new posts every day, the world of blogging has exploded in recent years. Reaching the 329 million people reading blogs can bring your business the boost in brand recognition and increase purchase rates it needs for success.

Using web design, content writing, and social media for recruiters, Buzzrecruiter uses multiple platforms and formats to help recruiting and staffing businesses get the most out of their blogs and social media presence. No matter what your business goals are, frequent and original online content is vital to business success.

What Type of a Blog Do I Deed?

Blogs can take a variety of formats and can be posted on several different websites/platforms. Some of the most effective blogs use lists and short blurbs of information to provide quick and easy access to information in a readable style. Others, such as Twitter’s microblogs, rely on using only a sentence or two to draw the reader in, but often link to more information on an external site. Sites like Pinterest or Facebook/Instagram incorporate images and links to reach customers.

Consider having a blog on your recruiter business’ home page, as well as on social media platforms to connect with existing customers while also reaching out to potential future customers.

Why Should I Blog?

If blogging is not already part of your business strategy, here are five reasons why you should consider it:

  1. Blogs are reaching more people every day, so it is important for businesses to tap into this recruiter market. Most people read 5-10 blogs a day, so providing current and original content about your business can bring those readers to your website and, ultimately, your product.
  2. Blogs are a great way to promote a positive business image. 60% of readers feel positive about a company after reading their blog. A positive business presence can lead to customer loyalty and increased sales.
  3. Use blogs to connect with future and current clients. You don’t have to blog 20 times a day to see results. Over half of businesses report gaining at least one new client through blogging efforts, even when they only blogged once a month.
  4. Blogs can help build trust and loyalty among clients. Customers report that blogs are ranked among the top five most trustworthy sources of information. This means clients and customers are reading blogs and basing their decisions on that content. As a business owner, it is important to be involved in the way you are represented on the web through blogs.
  5. The goal of building an internet presence through blogging is to increase purchasing rates. 61% of customers report making a purchase based on a blog post.

How do I get Started?

  1. Links can be one of the most important components of content writing and increasing visibility. If you have multiple websites, be sure to link between platforms. This keeps customers looking at your business for longer. Websites with blogs also have 97% more inbound links, which means other sites share that content. Links are the most important factor for Google ranking, so by increasing the links to your website, you can increase your overall ranking.
  2. Timing is everything when it comes to blogging. Blog reading peaks around 10 A.M., so post blogs earlier in the day to reach maximum reader potential.
  3. As you work on developing an online presence and business strategy, remember that there are sources of information to help. BuzzRecruiter will work with your company to generate new and original content based on your needs.

About 40% of businesses are already using blogs to help recruit clientele, promote brand image, and increase overall sales. Don’t miss out on the opportunities created through blogs, instead use blogging to your advantage to lead your business to success. BuzzRecruiter provides content writing and posting services for your business to help connect with customers and promote brand awareness.